StormInfo Personal Storm Surge Analysis

Personal Storm Surge Analysis another key component of StormInfo.  It delivers a series of detailed maps (Category 1-5) which indicate the maximum potential levels of flooding due to storm surge.  The map location and scale is defined by the subscriber and the resultant map images are sent via email.  One set of personal storm surge analysis maps are included with your subscription however additional locations can be specified at an additional cost.  These images are not storm dependent as they represent the maximum or "worse case" storm surge flooding for a category of storm.

An example of a set of map images for Hilton Head Island, SC are shown below.  There is an analysis for each category of storm... Category 1 - 5 from left to right.  Click on the thumbnail images to view the enlarged image below.


Category 1 Storm Surge Inundation

tropic1.gif (3713 bytes)

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